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May 4th to 10th, 2023 in Dusseldorf

With our motto „Sustainability without compromise“, we invite you to visit us at Interpack in Düsseldorf.
In addition to our improved products, innovative trade show novelties await you.

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Visit us at our booth B16 in hall 13. Our booth staff is ready for all your questions and exciting conversations.

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Hall 12 / E07

general cooperation partner

Hall 14 / D01

Watttron product:
round seal head & Inline quality control

Hall 6 / A61

Watttron product:
cera2seal starter kit mit Spoutheater

Hall 17 / booth A20-5

Watttron product:
round seal head

Hall 6 / booth D31

Watttron product:
matrix sealing jaw

Hall 6 / A31

Watttron product:
Sealing Application

Hall 6 / E02

Watttron product:
Moulded Pulp

MSJ - matrix sealing jaw

The most efficient sealing technology.
Our cera2seal® heating system is specially designed for sealing and welding processes. Our freely selectable arrangement of individual heating circuits enables the implementation of sealing bars with perfectly adapted widths and lengths.

SPH - spout heater

Our cera2seal® sealing technology enables even complicated packaging geometries of a spout package. Our tool can be perfectly adapted to the specifics of spouts.

MH - matrix heater

Our innovative digital matrix heater for thermoforming processes. Our patented matrix heating system cera2heat® enables heterogeneous, precisely defined contact heating of surfaces.

SRH - sealing round heater

Our cera2seal® sealing round heaters are perfected for sealing lids. No temperature variations and overshooting during production.

SRL + MSJP - sealing rollers with pre-heating jaws

Our sealing rollers combined with the pre-heating jaws are the perfect solution for flow packer length sealing. The optimal all-in-one solution.

MRH - matrix round heater

Our matrix round heaters are optimized for round geometries and are the perfect solution for thermoforming cups and capsules.

Discover our trade fair innovations

With our digital heating technology for thermoforming and sealing processes, watttron gives its customers full control over their thermal processes: for the best quality and sustainability without compromise.

Discover our trade fair innovations


Ready-to-use system for lab and small production scale. Equipable with sealing jaws and spout tools.

Inline quality control

watttrons heating systems (cera2heat® and cera2seal®) provide detailed data about the power usage which allows conclusions about the success of the sealing/heating to be drawn. With this data our watttrixServer allows an Inline Process Control to monitor and track the quality of your products.

Moulded Pulp

With our cera2heat digital heating technology, it is possible to laminate a very thin (80 - 150 µm) layer of plastic film inside molded fiber cups during production to provide the necessary barrier for liquids and food products. Due to the unique nature of the digital lamination, this plastic film has the same thickness in the whole cup and can therefore easily be separated by the consumer. The result is a fully recyclable cup with the additional advantage of the thermal insulation of the paper fibers against hot drinks, something which a standard plastic cup does not provide.

Sun, May 7th

2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m

Sustainability Goals 2025 - are we on track?

Interpack main stage hall 1
„SpotLight Talks & Trends“, Main entrance north

Mon, May 8th

3:20 PM

Digital Technologies Marcus Stein

Interpack main stage hall 1
„SpotLight Talks & Trends“, Main entrance north

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Dr. Sascha Bach

CTO - Technical Director

Your local contacts

We are there for you on all days of the fair


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